Music education

- Masters in Musical Theatre from London College Thames University.

- Diploma in composing from Norwegian State Academy of Music (Norges Musikkhøgskole).

- Bachelor degree in Film scoring from Berklee College of Music.

- Diploma in Vocal training from Guildhall School of Music in London.

- Vocal/pedagogic education (Bachelor degree) from Barratt Due Music College.

- Master degree in speech therapy from the University of Oslo.


Eivind has broad experience as a composer, singer and teacher. He has performed all around Europe and USA at theatres and at various concerts/festivals. He has also been doing workshops and has a broad teaching experience in voice and composition.


Eivind teaches at MAYA´s Norwegian School of performing Arts in:

  • Voice training and vocal performance

  • Workshops in interpretation and vocal technique in various genres from classical to pop/musical theatre.

  • Composition/music theory